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ResultSet, Inc., an IT Consulting Services and Products group founded in 1996, provides quality solutions, services and products to help companies to address tomorrow's business opportunities and challenges today.

ResultSet is committed to a customer’s long-term success; by not only providing the best software solutions but also through reliable, professional service. ResultSet’s staff of change management experts will analyze your current process and recommend the optimal system to simplify procedures, saving time and money.


ResultSet's Mission is to provide customers with increased productivity and reduced costs – utilizing simple, state-of-the-art software systems and technology.
This is your complete practice management application. Image archiving, robust search capabilities, billing, scheduling, automated dictation, this system has everything you need.

NexTech Completes Acquisition of ResultSet (RSI Medical Software)

Dragon Medical Voice Recognition Software: Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance - formerly ScanSoft, Medical & Legal Transcription and Voice Recognition software.

RSI continues to streamline and expedite businesses great and small. Leading teaching hospitals and practices rely on our networked systems to keep their data manageable and secure. Doctors and staff love our paperless office solutions.

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